Instar Systems provides a Software-as-a-Service platform for creating and sharing apps. More than 250,000 web publishers are leveraging our technology to deliver custom browser apps and community toolbars with their brand and their content. From avid fans of the worlds largest brands to members of thousands of smaller communities, Instar Systems-powered apps are used by more than 170,000,000 people from all over the world on various platforms (PC, MAC, Mobile, Windows, Linux, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and more).

Publishers who utilize our platform can distribute their apps both directly and from the Instar Systems App Marketplace, to engage users constantly and deliver unique content beyond the boundaries of their website.

As a platform provider, we strive to ensure that custom browser apps and community toolbars that are created using our technology are safe and secure. We are highly committed to protecting the privacy and safety of our publishers and their users and to ensuring a satisfying experience to anyone using our services.

As part of the ongoing efforts to maintain our commitment, we provide and enforce strict guidelines and policies that are available in this page, and we use various technology solutions that help us keep our network clean and safe.

Instar Systems-powered community toolbars are included on the industry-recognized TRUST e safe-software Whitelist. The Trusted Download certification is awarded to software that demonstrates informed consumer choice, does not exhibit surreptitious activities, and is distributed in a responsible manner. Our custom browser app and community toolbar download pages are also scanned daily and are certified by McAfee SECURE™ to ensure that the content on the pages is safe.

Publishers that utilize the Instar Systems platform can be assured that their custom apps and community toolbars can be used as safe and secure methods for delivering their brand and content on different platforms.

So go ahead, create your custom browser apps and community toolbar to safely connect and engage with your users!

Our Privacy Guidelines

  1. Commitment: We believe in a sincere, straightforward approach towards privacy and security issues. We are committed to maintaining strict privacy policies, and we expect our publishers to abide by them.
  2. Compliance and Safety: Our platform and products have been tested and certified by leading, independent security companies. We will cooperate with any legal entity to ensure the safety and privacy of our publishers and their users.
  3. Zero Tolerance: We will show zero tolerance towards publishers who violate the privacy and security rights of their users, and we will take legal action against any party that tries to exploit the Instar Systems platform for invading the privacy of others.